Beyond Agile: A Complete Management Method

In 2010, somewhat tired of being asked to make “agile” work at an agency, we set out to do something different and better. We stripped Agile down to its core values — culture and communication — and pretty much threw out the rest. Agile wasn’t a big bang; it was built from a lot of very solid work from the previous 50+ years. We went back to that, and woodshedded.

We came up with what’s now called the AgencyAgile methods. They include big, and much needed, changes to how managers can help highly-talented agency teams succeed. Our agency clients have had impressive results: margin improvements of 20% and more, faster delivery (often by 50+%), better quality, all coupled with higher client and team satisfaction. We built a better model. If you know Agile, it will seem familiar…but it is definitely not the same. It works really well for agencies.

We chose from the best of Software Agile and related practices like LEAN and eXtreme Programming, and also incorporated some of the best management theory from the last 50 years: Drucker, Senge, Maslow, Mintzberg and more. As if that wasn’t good enough, we also folded in 30+ years of really great organizational, cognitive and behavioral research on how people think, how teams work, and what makes people happy, drawn from: Kahneman, Logan, Seagal, Haidt and others.

Staffed by a team of former agency executives and based in Los Angeles, we serve digital, hybrid and traditional agencies worldwide. For more information or to arrange an assessment of how our training, coaching and other services could benefit your agency, please contact us.

Beyond Agile: A Complete Management Method

AgencyAgile Core Values

  • We exist because of Our Mission and Our Work
  • This Work is done by Our People
  • Our People work better with Our Collaborative Process
  • They need the support of Our Clients, Partners, Facilitators, and Mentors
  • They are all part of Our Supportive Ecosystem
  • And with every success…we grow Our Selves

What We’re Good At

Making Agile Work for Agencies


Coaching and Mentoring


Improving Agency Performance and Metrics


Tolerating Non-Collaboration


Stopping at one drink

Jack Skeels
Jack Skeels
Founder, CEO

Jack leads AgencyAgile and is responsible for ensuring that agency engagements, along with goals, business objectives and overall results are aligned from start to finish with agency partners, our teams and all related stakeholders.

Jack has a proven track record of structuring and managing client engagements to success using a range of innovative and client-collaborative techniques including: Agile, Scrum, Extreme programming, Discovery/Fusion workshops, User Journey planning, and many facilitation techniques aimed at eliciting information, involvement, engagement and ownership from key business stakeholders.

Jack began his work with iterative methods early-on, running software development projects using a rapid prototyping and exploratory development approaches in the 1980’s.  During the next decade he built a technology strategy consultancy that developed consensus-driven methods for the integration of large-scale enterprise systems.  Post-MBA, he was a senior management analyst at RAND, where he focused on application of organizational, operations and micro-economic research.  Post-RAND, he led product development organizations where he implemented Scrum, eXtreme Programming, iterative development and other techniques to deliver SaaS/Web software and videogaming competition websites.

Jack led Sapient’s 105-person Los Angeles office where his client teams were the first to implement Sapient Approach 3 (SA3), Sapient’s Agile-like cross-shore delivery model.  It was immediately after Sapient that Jack began the journey to define what have now become the AgencyAgile methods.

Jack has an MBA from University of Southern California, a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northern Illinois, and has served in post-graduate teaching roles at the USC Marshall School of Business and Pardee RAND Graduate School.

Greg Morrell
Greg Morrell
Founder, President

Greg is responsible for establishing and growing AgencyAgile’s relationships with agencies while guiding agency and client teams through Agile transformation.

Greg worked at Proxicom, a top-5 interactive agency, first leading large Automotive accounts then running the Automotive Practice and Client Services until Proxicom was purchased by iCrossing in 2007. During his tenure with Proxicom/iCrossing, Greg grew his practice revenues by over 100%, expanding iCrossing’s Automotive client-base nearly 4-fold into the largest portfolio of Automotive clients of any US-based interactive agency.

In 2009, Greg joined BLITZ Agency as EVP, responsible for growing the agency by expanding BLITZ offerings and building long-term partnerships with BLITZ’s clients. Under Greg’s stewardship, BLITZ tripled in size and revenues; and grew to become a premier digital agency in the US, garnering several awards including 2011 Ad Age Small Agency of the Year (Silver) and 2010 LABJ Best Places to Work in (31/100).

Greg has over 20 years of interactive agency experience, particularly in client services management, developing deep, long-term relationships with clients in a range of industries, including Automotive (VW, Mazda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, and Nissan, CODA and Better Place), Technology (Microsoft, Adobe), Gaming and Entertainment (FX Networks, THQ, Gaikai, XBox), and Consumer Brands (Nike, Naked Juice).

Throughout his career, Greg has focused on building strong, collaborative agency/client partnerships, founded upon clear vision, shared goals, transparency and accountability. Greg understands the challenges agencies and clients both face when it comes to developing new and often complex consumer engagement projects, often working in multi-agency and multi-vendor environments.

Greg has a BA from Bowdoin College.

Steve Wages
Steve Wages
Principal Consultant

Steve is Principal Consultant who specializes in our Roadmapping and Scoping and Estimation methods.  

A former licensed architect, Steve co-founded and bootstrapped Juxt Interactive in 1998 as CEO and lead client strategist. Profitable after 3 months, Juxt provided digital AOR as well as project-based services to clients such as Kawasaki, BMW, Red Bull, Target, Coca Cola, Sam Adams, Billabong, and Volkswagen. In addition to leading the company and managing operations, Steve lead the new business development and account management teams in securing and managing clients. He also consulted with key clients as a business analyst to develop interactive strategies. Steve left Juxt upon its acquisition in October 2008.

Steve has served as a board member for the Ad Club and spoken at numerous conferences such as SXSW (South by Southwest), and lectured at USC’s Annenberg School of Communications graduate program on Interactive Marketing and UCI’s graduate strategic marketing program.

Steve was one of the original “Miami 13” digital agency CEO’s to found the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), a global digital marketing peer group for agency executives, in 2007. He wrote the SoDA mission statement and Member Guidelines and served on the board of directors in 08’ & 09’ before becoming the interim Executive Director in January 2010.  After creating a new 3-year organizational strategy and transforming the organization he on-boarded the new Director of Operations and stepped away from SoDA as a paid employee. Steve currently serves as SoDA’s Business Strategy advisor.

Steve has a BS in Environmental Design at the University of Texas, spent a semester studying Architecture in Rome, Italy. He attended the Prometheus Academy for strategic organizational planning.  An avid road cyclist, Steve has raced in the Etape du Tour, the professional/amateur stage of the Tour de France in 2004, 2005, and 2008.

Steve Knapp
Steve Knapp
Principal Consultant

Steve brings to bear 20+ years of professional experience (16+ years working at agencies) leading cross-functional teams, agency transformation initiatives, M&A activities, managing a portfolio of vendors, and providing oversight of overall operations.

As SVP, Operational Effectiveness and then SVP, Global Operations & Partnership at iCrossing, Steve successfully spearheaded the expansion of their global capabilities. In less than two years, Steve grew an offshore delivery team from 2 to 150 dedicated staff, established numerous agency partnerships across the globe, and improved integration among iCrossing’s global offices. His responsibilities also included profitably scaling the organization to meet market demand during periods of growth (via acquisition and organic) and decline. As the VP of Operational Effectiveness at iCrossing, Steve spearheaded the definition and institutionalization of an adaptive service delivery framework. The framework enabled distributed teams from acquired organizations (nationally and internationally) to align on how they would successfully deliver an array of integrated services.

Prior to iCrossing, Steve worked for varied agencies (e.g., Proxicom, SeraNova) where he performed at the project manager, director or VP levels. Steve’s primary focus was on providing delivery oversight for multi-million dollar accounts (e.g., VW/Audi, Mazda, and Vail Resorts). Prior to agency life, he was a research analyst and project manager at a leading consumer research organization. Steve also taught courses at community college and for a professional training organization.

Steve’s education includes a BS in Management and an MBA.

Michael Hart
Michael Hart
Senior Experience Consultant

Michael is specialist at helping agency and clients teams apply our Roadmapping methods along with a host of other user-centered practices such as Lean UX and other forms of prototyping.

Michael has 22 years of software development industry experience and has enjoyed consulting for leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, biotech, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial, government, health, non-profit, retail and software sectors.

Michael is an alumnus of Sapient Interactive and its cutting-edge customer engagement and iterative development techniques. He has a background in software development, team/groupwork facilitation, user experience design, architecture, interior design, film, music, photography and aerospace engineering. Michael has a proven track record of helping to empower individuals, teams and their companies to create products that better address customer and business needs by maintaining a focus on the rapid delivery of business value in a constantly evolving functional and technical landscape, while at the same time significantly reducing the overall risk associated with product development.

Michael has led the design and development of many OEM online applications and brand/product focused websites for a diverse array of clients, including: Applied Biosystems, Illumina, Invitrogen, Life Technologies, PIMCO, Chevron, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan, US Army, Avery, Tektronix, Tommy Bahama, DirecTV, Disney, eMusic, G4TV, Golf Channel, Rhino Records, Tokyopop and Warner Brothers. During the dotcom boom, Michael was the Lead Site Architect for, in charge of the design, development, and deployment of the new site architecture and it’s integration with the existing in-house CRM and Oracle-based ERP applications.

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