Will Management Succeed at Killing Agile?


Will Management Succeed

at Killing Agile?

If one believes the latest cover story from the leader of promoting management trends, The Harvard Business Review, Agile is both everywhere and can be used for everything. Considering the business that I am in, I should be pretty happy as well. But I’m not. HBR’s Agile at Scale looks more like a tombstone to me.

The HBR article is touting the latest management-fad version of Agile, Agile as Anything Management Wants. Their Agile is all about dozens of random organizational changes that are labeled “Agile,” and are cited as proof of Agile’s greatness. Someone says they are doing or being Agile? Ipso facto, they must be.

Agile as Anything Management Wantsis bad Agile, and it is not only destroying the good Agile, but is also destroying a moment in which Agile might have actually made things better…truly better.

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