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How We Started

In 2010, we were somewhat tired of being asked to make “Software Agile” work across an agency, but still feeling (probably like you) that there MUST be some goodness there, some way for it to be usable across the WHOLE agency.  So we set out to do something different and better. We stripped Software Agile down to its core values — culture and communication — and pretty much chucked the rest. We figure we trimmed out about 70% of Software Agile’s techniques and replaced them with agency-friendly techniques.

If you read about how Software Agile came about, you’ll realize that it wasn’t a big bang.  Rather, it was pieced together, an amalgam, from a lot of very solid work over the previous 50+ years. So we went back to that, and woodshedded.

We came up with what are now called the AgencyAgile methods. They include big, and much needed, changes to how managers can help highly-talented agency teams succeed. With over 80 agencies and digital shops as clients, and  a sky-high NPS of 89, we know that we’ve succeeded so far.  Our agency clients tell us of impressive results: margin improvements of 20% and more, faster delivery (often by 50+%), better quality, all coupled with higher client and team satisfaction.

We built a better model. If you know Agile, it will seem familiar…but it is definitely not the same. And it works really well for agencies.


Jack Skeels

Founder, CEO

Greg Morrell

Founder, President

Steve Wages

Principal Consultant

Steve Knapp

Principal Consultant

What we’re good at

Making Agile work ridiculously well for agencies, marketers, and other service organizations.0%
Coaching and mentoring leaders and teams to success.0%
Improving our client's business performance and metrics.0%
Tolerating non-collaborative, old-school, Theory X-style behaviors.0%
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