Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Agency Size, Type, and Location

What size agencies do you work with?

Any size, really. We’ve trained small (less than 12 persons) agencies to large, multi-national shops. For medium to large agencies, the key consideration is how to roll out the program. We work with you to figure that out before we start.

Can we be too small?

Too small to be awesome? Nope. Small agencies actually have a big advantage in terms of adopting and adapting our methods. We’ve seen small shops dramatically increase their velocity after only 2 workshops with us.

Does this work for more than just the dev team?

It sure does. Planning, creative, copy, broadcast, and media types all love the opportunities our training provides. We teach them all how to work smarter together; and our workshops drive ground-up collaboration, for much better, more integrated work.

Can this be done with remote people or partners?

It depends on your situation.  We have helped agencies deal effectively integrate everything from solo operators to geo-separated offices.  Video conferencing and cloud-based collaboration tools help, but they are not the core of the solution.

Do you travel to our region?

Yes, we travel anywhere on this wonderful planet.  We’ve trained and coached agencies in Europe and in the Asia Pacific, with Canada, Mexico, South America, and Africa in the works. We do all of our training on-site at your offices.

Teams, Work, and Clients

These are the workers. The people that you have on staff that actually create all of the stuff you dream up. We believe that they are the barometer of your agency… If they are not working in an optimal way, neither is your agency.

Yes. In fact, this is what we designed our methods for. Most agencies live with fixed-price constraints because that’s what clients buy. If you can do fixed price well, then all the other methods are easy.

We’ll show you how to do it invisibly. You can still commit to interim deliverables and milestones, but as often happens over the course of the engagement, your client might just start loving the “Agile” parts, and convert.

Yes, but you will need to contract with us first.

Tools are the last thing you should think about when improving process. We’ll teach you how to fix the process first and then you can adapt the tools as you see fit. We can even help a bit with that. We also have some fancy Google Docs we can share that work pretty well.

Logistics, Scheduling, and Cost

You’ll need about 3 weeks to get your team, your client, and the rest of the agency scheduled for a workshop. Right now our booking window varies but is about 4-6 weeks in advance. In general: next week, yes, we are already busy.

It depends. Very small agencies (less than 15 persons) can do it for less than $25k in workshop costs for enough of the whole program to make a big difference. In general, a whole program, which can take 3-6 months to roll out, is in the $1-2k per person range. Larger agencies are less because they can scale the program.

The ROI on our programs is often immediate, especially for agencies in the 20-60-person range, as they tend to suffer most from the growing pains and limited process maturity.

We try to make our training workshops affordable, and sometimes your clients are even willing to pay. Let’s talk.

When are you ready to start? We travel specifically for each client. The only exception is international (ex-US), where we generally try to get multiple agencies to sign up in order to share airfare costs.

We travel to Europe and ANZ regularly (3-5X per year).  We try to group trainings together on the calendar to save costs.  We don’t offer trainings in other languages unfortunately.

No, all travel costs are extra, on top of the workshop fee.